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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gallop Poll Shows Condi Strength!

A newly-released poll....not the usual type, but an actual rating on each individual candidate....Shows unexpected positive ratings for Condi Rice.

Capt. Ed writes well on the poll and its meaning at Captain's Quarters.

We have often stated on this blog that Condi brings much to the table, and offers not only less baggage than McCain and Giuliani, but also the twin cards which best take the wind out of the sails of Hillary....race and being a female.

An additional Condi positive that Hillary lacks is the world-traveling, global politics of Condi...a weak spot in the Bush regime until Condi arrived, and also a weak spot for Hillary. Condi's performance to date on the world stage has been one of strength, tremendous acceptance by world figures, and a visibility in the MSM not there for other figures during this administration.

Now, all that remains is to find a way to convince Condi that she is needed by her country in 2008!