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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Thus labeled, I am sure you can read that I am meandering about here in terms of my be it!

Condi is my choice for Pres candidate in 2008.....BOY is that obvious!

However, the problem we "early Condi supporters" face is, how to get her to R-U-N????

I am into the speculation part.....

Could it be that the plan is for her to surface LATER? You know, avoid the pitfalls of the Hillary, McCain, et al group of wannabees?

What if in 2007 she suddenly moves to VP vis-a-vis the departing and "living my life for now because of health problems" Cheney?

Just a supposition....but a potential anyway!



Blogger Capitol 3 said...

Hello we the way to get condi rice to run is ask the American legion Nationally to get her to run go to the website at
Just go to the website I bet if the legion were behind her she would do it.
Gods blessings
Tammy and Anthony Brotton

3:39 PM  

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